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The NGE School Learning Plan – What Can We Do To Make A Meaningful Difference?

North Glenmore has completed some important work in revising our assessment and reporting practices to rely on strength-based language while focusing on helping our students develop a growth mindset around their learning.  This has set the stage for us to go deeper into putting the OECD's 7 Principles of Learning in place by shifting the four elements of the Pedagogical Core, all while continuing to implement our Province's redesigned curriculum.

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With the Empathy Interviews of our school community members complete (see 'NGE 2019 Spiral of Inquiry') and the results analyzed, our NGE Appreciative Inquiry Committee identified the following 5 patterns:

Pattern 1: We value building relationships (teacher with student and student with student) so students feel safe and comfortable and are ready to learn and take risks. 

Pattern 2: We believe our students are capable and curious, and want to challenge themselves. 

Pattern 3: We are excited to continue to create engaging, experiential learning opportunities from our student's voices and interests so that they are empowered to make a difference in the world. 

Pattern 4: We want to continue to learn with and from each other, take care of each other, and build on each other's strengths.

Pattern 5: We want to help our students become independent and resilient problem solvers in both academic and social situations.



Each of the teaching staff met with the Instructional Leadership Team to discuss and develop plans to emphasize and grow from our strengths.  Teachers typically made plans with grade-group partners and there was a lot of excitement generated around the opportunities the year will hold.  Some main areas of focus include:

  1. Creating community between classrooms with more flexible, engaging, and inclusive learning spaces
  2. Shifting the role of the student and teacher, putting students at the centre of their learning, help them develop confidence and creativity as learners, and to develop compassion and empathy for others
  3. Helping students take action and become the change they want to see in the world through a focus on the United Nations Global Sustainability Goals
  4. Designing learning activities that integrates subject areas through cross-curricular connection
  5. Making use of teaching strategies, such as Student Inquiry and 'Story Workshop', that promote the Core Competencies and the OECD's Principles of Learning

 Work has already begun in each of these areas, and NGE showcased students involved in a Story Workshop lesson at the Central Zone Community Learning Forum in November of 2019.