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North Glenmore Elementary School (NGE) is a relatively large school of approximately 560 students coming from a well-established community in the Glenmore Valley of Kelowna, BC.  Like the other two elementary schools in the Valley, NGE has been experiencing significant growth as the area expands into a more heterogeneous mixture of diverse backgrounds and cultures. 

North Glenmore has spent from 2015 to 2018 focusing on cultivating a culture of kindness and growing the school into an integrated hub of resources and supports in our community as the result of having gone through an extensive 'Appreciative Inquiry' process in 2015.  This has been a very successful direction for our school and we are very proud of the work done by our 'Kindness Mission Managers' over the years.

moving-forward-min.pngThe Staff and School Planning Council members at NGE understand that we are at a tipping point in education and that there is a need to create a 21st century model that prepares our students for the demands of citizenship, post-secondary education and careers in the future.  With the Province's re-designed curriculum firmly in place, and all of the opportunity it affords for making great strides towards a most relevant approach to education, the school has embarked on a new journey towards helping children reach their potential in the information age. 

To learn more about the new direction that North Glenmore is heading in, please click the link to 'Our Inquiry Process'.