Vice-Principal's Message

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At North Glenmore Elementary, we all strive to develop and foster School District #23's attributes for all our students: learner, thinker, innovator, collaborator, and contributor.
Hello Gators!ā€‹ā€‹

We are now well settled at North Glenmore.    The first term of learning is quickly coming to completion and Formal Assessments of Learning are on their way!

Our Kindness mission will continue with great conversations regarding RESPECT in the classroom as well as  how to work well and play well at the playground.

Please ask your son or daughter to tell you about the North Glenmore 3 R's.ā€‹   Respect for SELF; Respect for OTHERS; Respect for the ENVIRONMENT.

The month of October  highlighted where we are thus far  with Student-Led and Parent Teacher conferences.  Thank you for sharing in how we are  developing our Learning Goals for the First term.   Students will be actively engaged in demonstrating their learning through a variety of personalized and individualized experiences.  

We will continue with our kindness mission by going over the  Effective Behavioural Support Matrix and by showing the community what GATORS are all about.  NGE GATORS are:

G - Generous - welcoming a new student into the school - helping teachers get the classroom ready to go... 

A - Academic - start the year well -   Am I working to the best of my ability?  Who can I ask for help?  How can I help myself?

T - Trustworthy - I follow through with what I say I will do. 

O - Organized - I have all of my supplies ready for returning to school.

R - Respectful ā€‹- Respect for Self/Respect for Others/Respect for the Environment 

S - Safeā€‹ - :  Making sure that I am conducting myself in a safe manner and getting support and help when needed.  

Additionally, this year we are continuing our focus and our energy around personal growth and having a GROWTH MINDSET when facing challenges.  

Looking forward to continuing a terrific year of learning in THE SWAMP:)   I tend to be a counter so...17 school days until holidays!

Jill Voros

North Glenmore Elementary
School District No. 23